Burnett Crowther

Kate G Laycy

Kate G Laycy


DOCTORS Ashley Goss (Guest Lead) BBC Piotr Szkopiak
MOUNT PLEASANT Beth Tiger Aspect Dewi Humphreys
FUR TV Elsie (Guest Lead) Warp Films Chris Waitt
NOT GOING OUT Waitress Avalon/BBC Television Alex Hardcastle
VINCENT 2 Hotel Receptionist ITV Terry McDonough
IDEAL Gemma Baby Cow Productions/ BBC Dan Zeff


10 ARENAS OF MARWOOD Jenny 10AM Films Michael Audreson
SEE YOU AT THE ALTAR Linda Milkshake Films Victoria Thomas

Short Film:

MOSQUITO Laura   Ben Mallaby
PHALURE INC Kate MHA Global Productions Doug Rollins
WE ARE TREES Ash Little Spoon Productions Paddy Hughes
TREE QUIZ Kate Little Spoon Productions Paddy Hughes
WELCOME TO TREELAND Tess Little Spoon Productions Paddy Hughes
TRICK ME Kate Little Spoon Productions Paddy Hughes
DOGGIN Kim   Andy Kinsella
FOUR TIMES Megan DeCantillon Films Timothy Reynard
HUSH Casting Director Filmaka Azi Rahman


KISS ME LIKE YOU MEAN IT Ruth Soho Theatre Jamie Ramsburg
STEEL MAGNOLIAS Claire Camden People's Theatre Andrew Beynon
DIVERSITY PROJECT Various Roles Impact Robert Eloff
NORTHERN SOUL (Rehearsed Reading) Angela Baby Cow Elaine Constantine


Good ear for accents, Comedy.


Aerobics, Pole Dancing, Cycling, Athletics, Horse riding, Kickboxing, Rollerskating, Swimming, Yoga.