Burnett Crowther

Janet Etuk

Janet Etuk


ICONS Tiope Blazon Theatre / Hull Woman of the World Festival Rachel Bagshaw
LOVE Emma National Theatre Alexander Zeldin
THE LOVE I FEEL IS RED Mona Tobacco Factory/Oran Mor/Sabrina Mahfouz Nel Crouch
THOMAS KYD'S THE SPANISH TRAGEDY Lorenzo Old Red Lion Theatre Dan Hutton
BEYOND CARING (Revival) Grace Oro The National Theatre Alexander Zeldin
DEAD GRASS Angie The Alchemist/Arcola Theatre LAB Jesse Briton/Olusola Oyeleye
LONE RANGERS Clown Unstable Table/Blue Elephant Theatre James Ivens and Callum Hale
BEYOND CARING Grace Oro The Yard Theatre Alexander Zeldin
HUMANS INCORPORATED Nova The Alchemist Luke Clarke and Anthony Springall
DEAD GRASS Nettie East 15 and Southwark Playhouse Young Company Joseph Hutton and Luke Clarke
SEALAND Liz Arcola Theatre Luke Clarke
SHEMEHE (TOUCH ME) Jesse National Theatre of Georgia (Tbilisi) Alexander Zeldin
DOING THE IDIOTS Janet the Carer National Theatre Studio Alexander Zeldin

Further Credits:

A PUPIL (Rehearsed Reading) Mary Bear Trap Theatre Company/Park Theatre Jesse Briton
ZERO HOUR/CHANNEL FOUR DOCUMENTARY Grace Oro Channel 4 News Alexander Zeldin
EXPECTING (Short Film) Emily Cestoda Productions Conor O'Callaghan
THE FOUR MINUTE MILE (Site Specific) Mara The Oxford Playhouse Plays Out Jake Oldershaw


Accents & Dialects: African-West, American-Standard, English-Standard, Essex, French, London, Nigerian, RP, West Indies, Jamaican
Music & Dance: Alto, Ballet, Choreography, Jazz Dancing, Lindy Hop, Modern Dance, Tap, Waltz

Sports: Ice Skating, Karate, Rollerblading, Swimming

Other Skills: Fine Art, Devising, Painting, Writer