Burnett Crowther

Erin Geraghty

Erin Geraghty


BIRDS OF A FEATHER Gail ITV/Retort Martin Dennis
MISTRESSES Nurse Scott BBC/Ecosse Films Tim Fywell
NIGHTY-NIGHT Mrs Wickstead BBC TV/Baby Cow Tony Dow
NAKED Muriel Channel 4 Paul Andrew Williams
THE BILL Annie Thames Television Paul Unwin
DODGEM SERIES Linda Leighton BBC Christine Secombe
KNIGHTMARE SERIES Goody Bad Wife Broadsword TV  
THE CHIEF SERIES Fiona Anglia TV Brian Farnham
THE NIGHTINGALE SAGA Iris Cypress Point Darryl Duke
ANGELS Maureen Morahan 1975-1978 BBC Various


SEQUINS (Short Film) Mrs Coughlin Organised Chaos Michael Beddoes
THE LAST LAUGH Nurse Donovan Visualise Film Daniel Coll
THE GREAT GETAWAY Miss Kingsburgh Palm Tree Films Robbie Moffat
MOHAMMED Mammy McCarthy BFI/Pico Pictures Mustapha Kseibeti
WRITTEN IN BLOOD Ann Braithwaite Sky Earthbound Pictures Simon Cox
GETAWAY Mother JAB Films David Jones
THAT'LL BE THE DAY Joan Goodtimes Enterprises Claude Whatham
THE TALES OF BEATRIX POTTER Beatrix Potter EMI Reginald Mills


GASLIGHT Elizabeth PTM/Chesterfield Pomegranate Stuart Burrows
SMALL WONDERS Nanny Peter Higgin / Tara Boland Punchdrunk / LIFT Festival
BURNING BOOKS Janine Curve Theatre Julia Thomas
LADIES IN LAVENDER Janet Theatre Royal Windsor, Manor Pavilion Theatre Stuart Burrows
BEDROOM FARCE Delia Gordon Craig Theatre Catherine Lomax
CASH ON DELIVERY Ms Couper Southwold Summer Theatre Andy Powrie
HEARTBEAT Annie Beck UK Tour David Graham
MURDER WITH LOVE/PORTRAIT OF MURDER Mrs Bedford/Agnes Talking Scarlet Patrick Kearns
LADIES IN RETIREMENT Ellen Creed ID Plays Ltd Ian Dickens
MURDER MISTAKEN Emmie Bruce James Productions Bruce James
TED & CO Mrs Doyle Laughlines Michael Wilson Green
BUSYBODY Mrs Piper Ian Dickens Productions Ian Dickens
MURDERED TO DEATH Mildred Ian Dickens Productions Giles Watling
MARTHA, JOSIE & THE CHINESE ELVIS Martha Pier Theatre, Bournemouth Chris Diacopoulos
VERONICA'S ROOM Veronica Frinton Summer Theatre Simon H West
KINDERTRANSPORT Evelyn Aberystwyth Arts Centre Dan Danson
BORDER CROSSINGS Maureen Outside Edge Phil Fox
STRANGE CARGO Multi-role Diverse City Jamie Beddard
DELIVERING THE GOODS Multi-role Proteus Deborah Wilding
GALWAY BAKED HEDGEHOG Maeve Slainte Productions Jez Bond
FIRES IN THE FIELDS Hannah Theatre And Beyond Maria Pattinson
THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR Mistress Ford Dean Taylor Association Dean Taylor
A SHOT IN THE DARK Madame De Beaureuer Sheringham Summer Theatre Seymour Matthews
STRANGERS ON A TRAIN Elsie Sheringham Summer Theatre Nicky Matthews
TIME AND TIME AGAIN Anna Sheringham Summer Theatre Robin Meadwell
WALKING OUT Margaret Proteus Mark Helyer
WAYWARD WOMEN Mary Kayelle Productions Lynn Davies
THE TROJAN WOMAN Hecuba Theatre Elli Chris J Rees
LADIES THAT WALK Margaret Proteus Deborah Wilding
SNAPSHOTS One Woman Show Slainte Productions David Gwyn Harris
A TIME TO GO WALKING Kate Eyewitness Theatre US/Canada  
DANSING AT LUNGHNASA Agnes Chelmsford Civic Theatre John Newman
KAMA SUTRA Pamela Eyewitness, UK Tour Peter McGarry
ROMEO AND JULIET Nurse Pukka Productions Chris J. Rees
THE RAILWAY CHILDREN Mother Charles Cryer Theatre John Hestre
THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR Mistress Page Fast & Loose, Open Air  
DODO Agatha Dodo Norwich Playhouse Theatre Paul Jepson


AN APPLE A DAY Statia Rose Theatre Gavin McAlinden
THE CHOSEN Norma Rubin Team Angelica Rikki Beadle-Blair
THE FATBOY Hope Nuffield Daniel Clark


NORA & DORA Dora Studio 3 Arts Liza Vallance
RECOVERY Sandra Studio 3 Arts Liza Vallance