Burnett Crowther

Patrick Myles

Patrick Myles


TOWARDS ZERO Thomas Royde The Mill At Sonning Brian Blessed
TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED Julian Farrar The Mill At Sonning Brian Blessed
CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN (Workshop) Various Neil Laidlaw Productions Melly Still
INFINIUM   Les Enfants Terribles Joe Hufton
MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Benedick Shakespeare in the Squares Joe Hufton
HENRY VI PART III Edward VI Shakespeare's Globe Nick Bagnall
HENRY VI PART II Bolingbrook/Horner/Edward Shakespeare's Globe Nick Bagnall
HENRY VI PART I Reigner Shakespeare's Globe Nick Bagnall
BUSH BAZAAR Father Desire Bush Theatre Cecily Boys
THE HAIRY APE IWW Secretary Southwark Playhouse Kate Budgen
A SLIGHT RISK Sid Fresh Target Paris Erotokritou
THE BLACK DIAMOND Jacques Punchdrunk Hector Harkness
MIND THE GAP Silas Y Touring Nigel Townsend
ROMEO AND JULIET Romeo Creation THeatre Charlotte Conquest
THE SPANISH TRAGEDY Lorenzo Arcola Theatre Mitchell Moreno
PERA PALAS Orhan Arcola Theatre Michael Cabot
THE LADY'S NOT FOR BURNING Richard Finborough Theatre Walter Sutcliffe
THE REVENGER'S TRAGEDY Lussorioso Southwark Playhouse Gavin McAlinden
FREEDOM OF THE CITY O'Kelly Finborough Theatre Vicky Jones
TARTUFFE Valere Arcola Theatre Serdar Bills
A CHORUS OF DISAPPROVAL Crispin Stephen Joseph Theatre Alan Ayckbourn
EVERAFTER Lyndon Stephen Joseph Theatre Steve Marmion
MIRANDA'S MAGIC MIRROR Guard Stephen Joseph Theatre Owen Lewis
ICONS Aaron Stephen Joseph Theatre Owen Lewis
LOVE'S A LUXURY Dick Orange Tree Theatre Sam Walters
ROMEO AND JULIET Mercutio Midas Touch Productions Richard Twyman
THE PLAYING FIELDS Kingsley Wimbledon Studio Frank Williams
VICTORIA STATION/YES AND NO Controller/Actor King's Head Theatre Richard Twyman


EASTENDERS Gary Green BBC David Tucker
DOCTORS Sam BBC Tracey Larcombe
PLANESPOTTING George ITV/Granada Chris Menaul
SECRET SMILE Harry ITV/Granada Chris Menaul
THE BILL Fenton Talkback Mike Adams


BETTER THAN TOMORROW Norman Toy Box Films EuiJeong Hong
HEAD VS HEART Sam Triggerfish Films Lisa Thomson
INVISIBLES Mackay Straightwire Films Andrew Harner
MY GRIPPING POWER (Short) Max   Josie Henwood
THE HONEYPOT KILLERS Buckham First Century Tim Purcell
RED THURSDAY Tasos Eurimage/Greek Film Council Christos Shopahchas


Accents: American-New England, American-New York, American-Southern States, American-Standard, Arab, Belfast, Cockney, French, Greek, Irish RP*, Irish-Northern*, Irish-Southern*, Italian, London, Middle Eastern, Northern, RP*, Scottish-Standard, Spanish, Transatlantic

Languages: Cypriot Greek*, English*, French, Greek*

Music & Dance: Ballroom Dancing, Bass-Baritone*, Period Dancing, Greek Dancing, Recorder, Tap

Sports: Football*, Shooting, Martial Arts*, Skiing, Swimming*, Tennis, Cricket, Archery, Stage Combat*