Burnett Crowther

Mark Joseph

Mark Joseph


Bio-Killer Agent Johnson JacksonFilm Mark Jackson
Mr Happy Tom Tim Lindsay Prods. Eugene Magee
Cliches Phil London Film Academy Evgeny Sinelnikov
H.I.S.S. (BFI Sci-Fi Short Film) Mark Sneaky Zebra/Machinima Nick Acott/Gary Scullion
Anniversary Ben UOW Christiaan Neu
Jealous Guy Mark UOW Emir Aytemur
Vicki's Disease Sidney Blackmore JacksonFilm Mark Jackson
The Commuter Narrator VO Silent Shout Manuel Nashi
Thought Provoking 32 Firefly Productions UK Peter Curran/Gary Scullion
Toilet Trouble Lead UOW Sander Allikmae
The Hot Potato Chris Fisher Wardour Pictures Tim Lewiston
The Man Who Married Himself Waiter/Golfer Therapy Films Garrick Hamm
The Night the Reindeer Died The Executive Firefly Productions UK Gary Scullion
Credo (The Devil's Curse) Scott Alto Films (c/o Lionsgate) Toni Harman
Meat & Two Veg Stephen Speed Films David Anderson
The Daughter's New Boyfriend Chris UOW Zaira Brilhante
Night Junkies Shady Scanner Rhodes Productions Lawrence Pearce
Writing on the Wall Paul X Global Films Nick Peterson
E.S.T. TV Contestant Global Films Nick Peterson
16 Days Jerry Opiate Films Lee Isserow
In & Out of Planet Earth Paul EdgelmageBank Nick Peterson


Barry Brown Brian Moon Gold Films Giles Alderson
Affairs of the Heart Ian Greenfield The Serial Company Maynard Kraak
Maxwell: Inside The Empire Richard Maxwell Pilot David & Tom Howell
Clone Hunger-Strike Roughcut TV/BBC Rob Schiller


The Alchemist Abel Drugger/Lovewit Rosemary Branch Theatre Scarlett Plouviez-Commas
A Parisian Road John Mountview Emily Agnew
Other Hands Steve Cockpit Studio Emily Agnew
Stitching Stu Jermyn Street Theatre Gwanwyn Mason
Jump To Cow Heaven John Gulbenkian Studio Lucy Beaumont
Titus Andronicus Demetrius Stephen Joseph Theatre Henry Bell
Coal Not Dole Mickey Z Theatre James Graham
Hamlet Hamlet H G Hall Christopher Hope


SAS (Socially Awkward Situations): A Survival Guide Mark BBC Worldwide Dipak Patel
Inflatables Improv Various The Miller Andrew Gentilli
Robocop: Beneath The Armour Alex Murphy markonlife Mark Joseph
Quiz Team Tim Skitish Productions Rich Clement
Star Trek: Into Dumbness Ensign Matthews Sneaky Zebra Nick Acott/Gary Scullion
(Not) Made in Chelsea Prodlock/Mark Livitup London Jenny Bede
Dan The Rapper 2 Officer Rob Thompson Short street UK John Macmillian
Extreme Makeover: Battlefield Edition Ty Pennington Sneaky Zebra Nick Acott/Gary Scullion
The Social Network: Socialize This Mark Zuckerberg Sneaky Zebra Nick Acott
The Fourth Wall Will Conway Firefly Productions UK Pete Curran
The Pro Show (Series 1-2) Eugene Pinch Punch Productions Oliver Graham


Singing: Ballad, Baritone, Guitar, Rock Singing, Tenor
Sports: Football, Golf, Karate, Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Pool, Snooker, Stage Combat, Swimming, Tai-Chi
Accents: American-California, American-East Coast, American-New York, American-Southern States, American-Standard, Australian, Birmingham, East European, German, Irish-Southern, Japanese, London, RP, Scottish-Standard, South African, Welsh-Standard, Yorkshire
Languages: English, German, Japanese
Other: Car Driving Licence