Burnett Crowther

Guy Siner

Guy Siner


IRONCLAD Mythic International Entertainment Jonathan English  
PROVOKED (Feature) - Prosecutor Provoked Ltd Jag Mundhra  
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (Feature) Disney Gore Verbinski  
VLAD (Lead) Bazaa Ent. Michael D. Sellars  
THE SECOND FRONT (Feature) Good Films Factory Dmitriy Fiks  
BUG (Feature) Bug Productions Matt Manfredi  
MEGIDDO - OMEGA CODE 2 (Feature) Megiddo Productions Brian Trenchard-Smith  
RETURN TO THE SECRET GARDEN (Lead) Family Features Scott Featherstone  
BIG CITY BLUES (Feature) Cineville Clive Fleury  
PLAYING GOD (Feature) Buena Vista Andy Wilson  
LOST HIGHWAY (Feature) Lost Highway Prod. David Lynch  
LEPRECHAUN IV (Lead) Blue Rider/Trimark Brian Trenchard-Smith  
KEVIN JOHNSON (Feature) Columbia Francis Magahy  
GREAT HARRY AND JANE (Lead) Windfall Pictures Salvador Litvak  


MR. SLOANE(Headmaster Whitmore) Big Talk Productions Ltd Robert B Weide  
FAMILY TREE (Mitch Connolly) HBO Christopher Guest  
DOCTORS (Reg Sims) BBC Christina Ebohan  
THE AGENCY (Feature) CBS Michael Watkins  
ENTERPRISE (Recurring) Paramount Winrich Kolbe  
THAT'S MY BUSH (Guest Star) Fox Jeff Melman  
WHEN BILLY BEAT BOBBY (Feature) ABC Jane Anderson  
ZOE (Guest Star) Warner Bros. Brian K. Roberts  
DIAGNOSIS MURDER (Guest Star) CBS Chris Hibler  
MARTIAL LAW (Guest Star) CBS Oley Sassone  
FRANK LEAVES FOR THE ORIENT (Guest Star) Comedy Central John Sanborn  
ROYAL STANDARD (Guest Star) Digital Entertainment Randall Kaiser  
'ALLO 'ALLO! (Series Regular, 10 yrs, 95 Eps) BBC David Croft  
BABYLON 5 (Guest Star) Babylonian Mike Vejar  
SEINFELD (Guest Star) Castle Rock Andy Ackerman  
PHILADELPHIA MIRACLE (Feature) CBS Doug Campbell  
DR. WHO (Series Regular) BBC David Maloney  
I CLAUDIUS (Feature) BBC Herbert Wise  


NICKLEBY AND ME (Lead) Stratford East Ned Sherrin  
COWARDY CUSTARD (Lead) Mermaid Theatre Wendy Toye  
OFF THE PEG (Lead) Arts Theatre Victor Spinetti  
THE BIOGRAPH GIRL (Lead) Phoenix Theatre Victor Spinetti  
DON'T DRESS FOR DINNER (Lead) Apollo Theatre Peter Farago  
'ALLO 'ALLO! (Lead) Prince of Wales/Palladium Peter Farago  


THE HOLLOW United National Theatre David Mansell  
THE RELAPSE (Lead) U.K. Tour Jonathan Lynn  
LATE LATE LADY McVAIN (Lead) Mayfield Theatre, Edmonton Ron Ulrich  
CANTERBURY TALES (Lead) Stage West Calgary James Tillitt  
OUT OF BOUNDS (Lead) Bristol Old Vic Val May  
BLITHE SPIRIT (Lead) U.K Tour John David  
UNCLE VANYA (Feature) U.K Tour Edward Petherbridge  
AN INSPECTOR CALLS (Lead) U.K Tour Patrick Lau  


C.S LEWIS AT WAR (RADIO) Sir Frederick Philip Glassborow