Burnett Crowther

Charles Blyth

Charles Blyth


THE SIMON AND GARFUNKEL STORY (2017/18) Art Garfunkel UK and International Tour/ Lyric West End Dean Elliot
TEECHERS Mr. Nixon White Horse Theatre Andrew Fairsh
THE DARK LORD AND THE WHITE WITCH Dilly. Wox/Gloop UK and International Tour Andrew Fairsh
TESS OF THE D'URBERVILLES Angel Clare UK and International Tour Ken Micheals
DEEPOVER Tristan Pirate Castle Emma Trow
GOLDILOCKS & THE THREE BEARS Robble (Male Lead) OhYesItIz Productions Desmond Barrit


Accents & Dialects: American-North East, American-Standard, Australian, Cockney, East Anglian, English-Standard, Norfolk, Yorkshire

Languages: English, German

Music & Dance: A Cappella, Ballet, Baritone, Baritone-High, Cabaret Singing, Dance (general), Falsetto, Jazz Dancing, Lyric Baritone, Tap